Pre And Post Construction Pest Control Services

At Tip Top Pest, we understand the importance of delivering all closing documentation on time and in a professional format that enhances the overall experience of our builder partners and their customers.  We have a dedicated person on staff to work directly with your closing specialists. We will provide your new homeowners with a special housewarming gift that includes a FREE pest control service. In addition to this, we guarantee we will connect with the new homeowner within 30 days of closing to “Welcome” them to the Tip Top Pest family and educate them on the termite protection provided by their builder.

Pest Control Services After The Sale

Our company is dedicated to providing outstanding pre and post construction services.  We understand that we not only work with our builder partners prior to the sale of a new home, but we also represent the builder long after the sale of a home.  Your customer becomes our customer, and we make YOU look good!

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Our goal is to be the leading pest control company of choice for the communities making an impact at home, work, and the environment we live in.